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The similarity between Abu Akleh and Khashoggi


Today's mark the 40 anniversary of Shirren Abu Akleh (death or assassination)[1].

The Victims

Jamal Khashoggi: A journalist/columnist writhing for Middle East Eye and Washington Post. Before that he used to be a senior official for the royal family.

Shireen Abu Akleh A journalist working Aljazeera since 1997. She started working for Aljazeera just as they opened an office in Ramallah, Palestine. She covered the second intifada which marks an important phase in her career. She has dual citzenship; Palestinian and American.

The Incidents

Khashoggi: On 2 October 2018, he was killed when he was visiting the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. He was killed by: security people affliated with the royal family[2].

Abu Akleh: On May 11 2022, she was killed when she was covering a raid by Israeli Defense Force (IDF) at Jenin, Palestine. She was killed by: IDF[3]

However initially nor Saudi or IDF claimned their responsibility, instead they assume we are dump enough to believe whatever story they come up with.

The cover up stories:

Khashoggi: as plotted by Saudi spoken person:

The Saudi officials first said that Khashoggi left the embassy alive. When asked to show CCTV recording to prove their claim, they said the CCTV are out of service. However their claimed were quickly debunked by Turkish officials.

Abu Akleh, as plotted by IDF/Israeli forign ministory spoken person:

She was killed the Palestian militant, they spread a video showing Palestinian militant in a clash. However soon Btsleem[4]. The video location of Palestinian militant doesn't match the location were Abu Akleh was shoot dead.

I don't know what goes in mind these governments official when they start spreading those made stories, anyone with would expect that those stories would fail, like did they expected people would just believe them?, did they

The Defendants

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and State of Israel.

When the jury and the defendants are of the same, don't expect justice.

both are are strong allies of the US.

Intrestingly enough, it's expected that both Israel and Saudi, would sign a peace deal together. There has been some talks about that. Israel and Saudi (or more generally the Arab world) don't have diplomatic relation duo to the ongoing never ending Israeli Palestinian conflict.

  1. Was she assassinated or killed? there is not yet consensus. ↩︎

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  3. Sources that Abu Akleh was killed by IDF, by official spoken person of: ↩︎

  4. Btsleem press release Btsleem is an Israeli NGO, it was the first to debunk the first Israeli narrative. ↩︎

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